Sustainable Pavements

FiltaPaveTM is a sustainable pavement providing an excellent, flexible and “green” alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete pavements.

FiltaPaveTM Composition

Recycled Car Tyres; Graded Aggregate; Proprietary Binder; Recycled Crushed Concrete

FiltaPaveTM Features

Highly Porous; Flexible; High Skid Resistance; Comfortable Underfoot

FiltaPaveTM Benefits

Slows runoff from site and facilitates storm water storage; provides safe, non-skid surface for cars & pedestrians; eliminates trip hazards from tree roots; reduces maintenance costs; reduces project costs; filters storm water.

FPP Industries Pty Ltd was established in 2011 in Sydney with it’s primary focus being to supply and install FiltaPaveTM Porous Pavements. FiltaPaveTM is a sustainable pavement with new technology which provides an excellent, flexible “Green” alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete pavements. It utilizes recycled car tyres and recycled concrete in it’s product specification, thereby reducing landfill requirements.

The design of Porous Pavements is multi-disciplinary, bringing together expertise of landscape architects, structural engineers and hydrologists. Professionals must become accustomed to paying attention to them in ways they may never have done before”. (Bruce K Ferguson – author of “Porous Pavements” – 2005)

FiltaPaveTM has been used successfully in Sydney in the following applications:

  • Driveways & Car Parks
  • Footpaths & Cycleways
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Sustainable water Management
  • Commercial Walkways

Creative Solutions

Our FiltaPaveTM engineers can reduce client costs by up to 15% by eliminating unnecessary infrastructure.
FiltaPaveTM can bring together WSUD principles and OSD in the same project.

About Us

Civil & Environmental Engineers formed FPP Industries in 2011 with it’s primary focus to supply & install FiltaPaveTM Porous Pavements.
Assistance is provided to design consultants as required.
Research was conducted by Manly Water Research Lab & City of Sydney consultants.

FiltaPaveTM Applications


    Flexibility prevents surface cracking; porosity prevents ponding on surface; increases safety & product life cycle....


    Non-skid surface ideal for cycleways and footpaths; flexibility around tree roots removes trip hazards....


    Porosity and flexibility ideal for sustaining tree root systems and eliminating trip hazards....


    FiltaPaveTM captures stormwater from neighbour & channels it to underground tanks for site discharge; FiltaPaveTM is both water capturing device and non-skid sustainable footpath....